maigrevide (maigrevide) wrote in thequestionclub,

I've gone on 3 dates with this girl. we met on okcupid.

first date we went to the movies. saw flight, then we got coffee and hung out, got coffee, and got high. talked for an hour or so. then we rode the bus home.

second date. i planned it, and i had just thought it would be the two of us going for dinner to panera. a few hours before, she texts me and asks if it's okay if two other couples and one other person come.

i think it's weird, but say sure, of course. again, good date, we all hang out for a few hours afterwards/smoke/talk, etc. we kiss (not make out) at the end.
third date. she asks me to go to this square in the city for dinner and then walk around. an hour before she picks me up, she asks if it's okay if three other people come. again, i'm surprised/kind of annoyed, but say yes. we get coffee, eat dinner, go to a few stores, and then one of my date's friends has to go home bc her car is being towed. so, date is cut short. then when she dropped me off at my apt this time she didn't walk me to my door/kiss me like the last time.
so all logical signs point to; she's just not that into me, however, she is constantly sending me super flirty/sexual texts. "

so tqc: what is this girl doing? does she find me replusive? is she just shy? waiting for me to make more of a move? just wanting to be FWB? What should I do?
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