Hannah (enchantress88) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. How many numbers do you have memorized?

2. Do you think that being drunk turns you into a different person, or just releases more of who you are inside?

3. Do you like The Rolling Stones? Do you like Buddy Holly? Do you like the song American Pie by Don McLean?

4. I have to give a speech at graduation. What are the worst graduation cliches that I should try to avoid?

1. I have my Social Security, my phone number, my mom's work phone number, my cell phone number, my library barcode, my school ID and my best friend's school ID. I can't think of any others right now.

2. In my personal experience, I am just a more exaggerated person than I normally am.

3. See, I feel weird for liking the Stones more than Buddy Holly but loving American Pie. And I'm curious if anyone else here feels this way.

4. I'm going to avoid "we are the future" and "as we move to the next stage of our lives"
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