Ameliorate (ameliorate) wrote in thequestionclub,


First, thanks for the vegetarian help, things have been going well, and no fights or fits at the house. :-)

Um, I'm not really sure what to do about this or if there is anything I can or should do? So the high school students have become increasingly worse when causing traffic problems. At first it was just the normal, jay walking causing traffic to stop for them to cross the street, not so horrible.... but now we have kids walking down the middle of the road, or today is the worse I've seen, two kids were walking down the middle of the road and two kids were walking beside the side walk in the street, barely enough room to drive between them, and it makes me really anxious that someone might hit them while they're trying to be so 'hard-core'.

t might be one thing if this was occurring around the school, like a "hey, people need to slow down near schools protest" (even that would still be pretty stupid).... but this is occurring several miles from the high school. Do you call the school or the cops or just wait until someone gets killed?
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