Wily as a coyote (fourcorners) wrote in thequestionclub,
Wily as a coyote

Which of these mean things would you do for $5,000?

Key a new car. Still has the dealer plates. Not anything fancy, just a Corolla or something. You have to key the entire passenger side, from one door to the other
Cut the leash of a seeing-eye dog, separating the dog from its blind owner. You'd have to do this in a crowded intersection
Wait in line until it's your turn, and then give a department store Santa a lapdance. It has to last for at least 10 seconds
Take the money from a homeless man. There's a cup of money in front of a homeless man, who's sitting on the sidewalk. You'd have to reach in, grab it all, and run away. You can't return to give him anything afterwards
There's a mom and her little girl walking across a bridge. The girl (prob 4 years of age or so) has a Barbie in her hand. You'd have to run by, grab the doll, throw it over the side, and run away
You see a big sheepdog tied to a post outside a supermarket. Spraypaint a big splotch of the dog's fur red, and then leave a PETA card, and leave
At a crowded strip club, give a stripper on stage oral. She's on her back, gyrating in front of the whole club. Sneak up onto the stage, and go down on her, in front of everyone. You'll probably get thrown out
You see one of those March of Dimes Santas on the street, ringing the bell next to his pot of money. Go over and throw up into the pot, and then leave
You're given a pickup truck to use. Go to Home Depot and pick up 5 day laborers. Drive them 2 cities over. Leave them there
While riding shotgun in a car, you see a hitchhiker. Throw a water balloon filled with Pepto Bismal at him, and then don't look back
While waiting in line to see a department store Santa, tell the little kid directly in front of you that not only is there no real Santa, but last weekend you ate Rudolph, right after you hit him with your car

How do you feel about yourself after answering the first question?

No different. I'm really not surprised about what I'd do for money
A little disappointed that I can be bought for such a low number
Inspired to do some evil pranks
Indifferent. It's a fourcorners' post, not anything prolific or introspective or anything
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