i call myself cassandra in my head (shinygobonkers) wrote in thequestionclub,
i call myself cassandra in my head

Say you just found out you've been rejected from something that you've dreamed of doing for YEARS and were really excited about. Now a bunch of your plans are in shambles as well. Is there anything a good friend of yours could say or do that would make you feel less bummed out?

Edit: assuming this friend does not live anywhere near you/anything in-person is out.

A while ago while walking to the train I ran into one of my roommates (who I get along best with) on the street. He asked if anyone had asked about/for him and I said no. He then asked that, if anyone did ask for him, that I tell them he doesn't live here/I do not know who he is. I said ok and didn't ask more because I was in a rush/not my business but...for kicks and giggles, why do you think he asked such a thing of me? non srs answers preferred xP
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