hearts and tarts (heartsandtarts) wrote in thequestionclub,
hearts and tarts

My closest friend*'s birthday was a month ago. She's the spiritual-hippie-mystical type so I got her some sage to burn. I spent like $3 on it, she knows I'm very broke. I mentioned to her on the phone (in early November) that I had gotten her a small gift. But I haven't seen her since before her birthday because she's always busy, and the other night I ended up burning the sage myself. Now my birthday is coming up this weekend and she called me yesterday talking about getting me a present. I feel bad because I used hers.

Do I need to get her a new present, or would it be okay to be like "hey I used your present because a month went by and I didn't see you, let's go to Starbucks and I'll get you anything you want to make up for it"?

*I say "closest friend" and not "best friend" because while there's nothing in the world we wouldn't tell each other and love each other a lot we're not really part of each others' personal lives, don't have much in common, don't see each other a lot, and catch up on the phone a few times a month. we've known each other since 3rd grade and feel probably more sisterly than friendly toward each other. if any of this makes a difference.
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