martini__love (martini__love) wrote in thequestionclub,

If you lived in an apartment building in a fire escape line, and at 2:00 am you hear a lot of noise, look outside and see the fire escape ladder shaking and then a young guy jumps off it to the ground and runs away, and this is not a normal occurence (like you know for example some teenager always sneaks in to visit a girlfriend that way without her parents knowing), would you think anything of it? Would you be scared or creeped out at all? Or just be "whatever" and go back to sleeping or whatever you were doing?

(Yes, this actually happened last night. I'm a big scaredy-cat. I've never heard/seen anyone on the fire escape before so it creeped me out. And that girlfriend scenario was my dad's thought, although I can't think of anyone in my line who is that young (male or female) except me, so if anyone else thinks like my dad they probably think he came out of my window heh.)
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