basementape (basementape) wrote in thequestionclub,

I have an interview today. I am leaving my current job for two reasons:

1. The hours I work are WAY more than advertised and while I sort of don't mind doing the overtime (unpaid) because I like the job, I'm working 60-75 hours a week for a job that was billed as 44-50 a week. And it's an hour drive away each way.

2. I'm brand new to my position (store manager) and in 4 months I've turned my store around from being chronically the worst performing in the district to being solidly middle-of-the-pack or better, all while short staffed and with little formal training, and I don't see the staffing, my hours, or my training getting any better in the near future (not to mention I don't like how in spite of the progress I made, I get dumped on for the little stuff).

THIS is how I plan to communicate those objections in the interview:

1. "I currently work 60-75 hours a week which is more than the job advertised for, and because I'm salaried there's no extra compensation. I am perfectly fine with giving a little bit extra to help the company, but I'm recently married and would like to start a family soon. Your company seems to put a lot of emphasis on work-life balance and that is something I would greatly value"

2. "During my brief time as manager at my current location I've made major improvements in my store in several key areas (and I can provide to offer some details on what those improvements are). Along the way I've gained invaluable experience through operating a store day-to-day However, because the staff in this expanding company is a bit small, they don't have the time available to implement their formal training program for me. What I'd like to do is bring the management experience that I do have to your company so that I can capitalize on the fact that your position is a management trainee position. I think that given my skill set (which we'll talk about), combined with your training, I'll be able to be a fan-fucking-tastic member of your team and the best god-man damnager this company's ever had.

Do these answers sound reasonable?
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