blueskinjob (blueskinjob) wrote in thequestionclub,

Recommendations For Action RPG Video Game For Xbox?

So I'm basically obsessed with the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series.  Went FAR down the rabbit hole and wasted hundreds of hours on the last two Fallouts and Skyrim/Oblivion.  But after playing those, I haven't really been able to enjoy a lot of the other games I've tried since then, like Red Dead, Portal 2, Fable III, etc.  I did really like Little Kings Story and Pikmin 2 for Wii as well, even though those are somewhat different.

What other games are there that are first-person action RPGs that have some levels of character customization, leveling up, looting, open world/sandboxiness, side missions, good story, etc.?  I strongly prefer first-person POV.  

I've heard Kingdoms of Amalur, Witcher 2, Deux Ex all might fit most of the above criteria.  I think Dark Souls is too difficult for me, as I've heard it's insanely hard.  Any thoughts?  Can't be PC games, as I have a Macbook.
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