Dusty (dustyshakleford) wrote in thequestionclub,

I'm in an online ethics class.  I was reading through the recent posts and found this response from the instructor to one of the other students:

There is much to what you say…your response indicates the same struggles people have with this issue…but what of the husband and father?…had he NO say?…it seems to me that the pregnancy by the ‘choice’ people is treated as some alien invasion into the woman’s body…is that moral?…you see, my first wife had an abortion and did NOT tell me about it…I accidentally found out from the doctor…I felt betrayed, unloved, rejected…this woman whom I had protected, loved, and respected killed my child so she could pursue her doctorate in psychology…where were MY rights, MY feelings, MY input?…and those are just some of the difficulty with “abortion on demand”…I would suggest that those women who want abortions, outside of rape, incest. or physical threats to the mother. really do not respect nor do they want motherhood and, thus, perhaps should consider complete tubal ligation so they never have to ‘suffer’ with a child again…but that’s just me…and I have had a VERY bad experience, so you’ll have to forgive my strong stance…

Would you even bother trying to reply?  If so what would you say?

Actually I'm really scared.  I did a review of the chapter and then at the end put that I believe abortion should be the choice of the woman carrying the child.  Will I receieve a message like this?  He replied similarly to another student who said they were pro-choice.  All other students receieved replies of "very thoughtful argument" or some bullshit.
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