Hyperactive Superior Anterior Temporal Gyrus (madscience) wrote in thequestionclub,
Hyperactive Superior Anterior Temporal Gyrus

Thrift store mysteries

I'm pretty good at the thrift store WTF-is-it game, but these two items had me so perplexed and intrigued that I had to drop the $1.50 to bring them home and ask TQC for clues. So... WTF are these things? (srs/non-srs)

This thing reminds me of a receipt spike, but instead of a spike it's got this lethal-looking serrated blade. It's sharp enough that it could probably cut food.

And this thing... man, I don't even know. It's ornately hand-carved, probably rosewood, and looks hella old. It has eight slots in the edge that look like the slots in a knife block. The brass fittings look like they're shaped to clip onto whatever goes in those slots.

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