outstanding (phenomenal) wrote in thequestionclub,

What should I do when I'm finished with finals?
What would you do when you're done, if you were in my situation?

For background on how busy I have been this finals period:
I had a 12-page essay due Wednesday. I had a final Thursday. I have a 10-page paper and a 5,000-word paper due today. I have a final tomorrow night. I have a 12-page paper due Thursday.

I have had a significantly short amount of time to do all of this, so everything has been jammed into a period of a little more than a week.

How should I celebrate when I'm done besides buying a Christmas tree, because that's all I really have planned?

Have you started finals yet? What do you have to do?

-edited to fix stupid typos/errors. I am brain dead currently.
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