piperki (piperki) wrote in thequestionclub,

toll scofflaw

I was driving on the Illinois Tollway last week and got to one of those basket toll thingies and I didn't have enough change, so I went through anyway because it's not like you can back up on a tollway exit ramp. Then when I got to my destination I didn't have any internet access for two days so I couldn't even pay online until I got home tonight. My son theorizes that they would not come after me for one toll, so why did I bother, but I remember a couple of years ago my mom got a huge bill from them after she mistakenly went through open toll plazas several times on a road trip--in her state, the toll roads all have tickets and $ collectors so she had no idea what those things were that she drove under. And then the tolls plus big penalty. So I paid mine even though it was only one.

Have you ever just ignored tolls you were supposed to pay? What happened?
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