Tessa (oohscranton) wrote in thequestionclub,

So my SO and I were at Costco, and they have those movie ticket vouchers where you pick up the voucher and bring it to the cash register, where they give you the actual tickets there. we had a huge cart full of stuff and when we got home, we realized there were no movie tickets in our cart. we were charged for them on our receipt.

we're screwed out of $50, right? i can't imagine if we go back to costco and show them our receipt, they will just hand over the tickets? how do we prove we never got them?

ETA: Thanks for your advice, everyone. I called the store and apparently the cashier or we were supposed to initial the receipt when we received the tickets. so all we have to do is go back and show them our "un-initialed" receipt and we'll get our tickets! whew.
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