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tqc, I come bearing a question about an awkward situation.

the good news:
A few weeks ago I met a fellow student at my uni who's into the same music as me (1980s indiepop).  She asked if I wanted to start a band, and as this has been something I've always wanted to do, I agreed.  We met with her friend, a guy in the year above who plays drums, I saw her perform at a pub a few days before, and we had our first band practice last week.  

The bad news:
This girl can't sing.  When she played her gig at the pub, people in the audience were wincing and grimacing.  A group of people sitting near me were laughing amongst themselves, presumably finding it comical.  She doesn't seem able to sing in tune, her voice is very deep, and the songs she played were rather ominous sounding.  When we had band practice, she was pretty much set on "practicing" a series of songs that all sounded the same.

EDIT: she plays guitar, and pretty well.  

I don't want to cause conflict or anything, but at the same time I don't want to be in a band with a bad singer and mediocre songs.  I can sing in a higher range than her (and in tune) and would be happy to take over singing duties.  Lambast me for my arrogance if you will, but I think it would be better for the band's sound.  In general, I have a lot of suggestions to make about everything, but I'm not sure how to go about this, not having had any previous musical or songwriting experience. 

What do you think I should do about my bandmate's bad singing? 

Have you ever had to confront someone about an embarrassing problem? How did it go?  

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