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Fabric Choices

So, since I have moved into a new apartment, my old, worn out couches seem even more worn out and I am hunting for a new living room set. Thus, my conumdrum.  

I have been leaning towards getting like a microsuede upholstery for the new living room furniture but I have heard differing opionins from two different people on the durability of the fabric.  One person really likes their couch with the fabric, it's held up well over the years, the fabric is not stained in any way, since it was treated at the time of purchase, with like Scotch Guard.  Another person didn't like the fabric, said that it tended to collect dirt and dust and always seemed to be needing cleaning.  They recommended going with a leather upholstery.

Now, my questions are this:  Do you have a pereference between the two?  Do you have any experiences with either and pets?

I have two feline roommates who really like the textured upholstery on the one loveseat (that's a different fabric from the couches completely) and have to keep them from treating it like it's a huge scratching post.  :-p  Thus, my worry on getting leather upholstery.  I worry that they will shred the couches if I get leather.

Tell me your thoughts/opinions/experiences!  I'm looking at making these couches last a long time and don't want to throw money away if they won't last. 

DK/DC:  Plans for this lazy Sunday afternoon? 
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