claddaghemerald (claddaghemerald) wrote in thequestionclub,

You and your SO have decided that because of money issues or because you guys are creative or competative you give yourself a holiday challenge.

You must buy two gifts for you SO and there is a $20 limit for everything. There are three categories; cute, funny or entertaining and there can only be one gift per category.

What categories do you pick and what do you get?

Currently I am thinking I'd like to make my husband a checker set using polymer clay and painting the pieces by hand. The clay won't cost more than $5-$7 and I already have paint. Then it would just be a board which I think I kind of want to use a picture frame and paint the glass. Which I can get at the dollar store. My husband likes games though I am unsure of his stance on I am worried this is too much of a 'that would be easy to make and would look good as far as effort would go' but not actually be a fantastic gift-idea.
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