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I have googled with mixed results.

1.Is it possible for a tick to burrow itself completely under the skin?

I have felt a lump on my cat's neck before but I just thought it was a little fat pad or lump like dogs get when they are older, since the cat is supposedly about 8 years old. Today he was relaxed enough (in simplest termshe's a rescue, so he is skittish sometimes) that I could pull back his fur and look. There was a tiny scab, and then where the lump is was darker, and I can kind of roll it around, so to speak. It feels like a little ball.

I plan on calling the vet on Monday, but I was just curious if anyone knew about this stuff. People on google are saying either OMG NO WAY JOSE! or UM DUH, YES IT CAN! ...so I'm confused.

If it is completely under the skin, I assume there's nothing I can do about it, right? I remember  my parents removing ticks from my dog when I was a child, but that's because the butt was always sticking out.

2. While I'm at it, how can I get my cat to lose weight? I will also ask the vet. I'm feeding him the right amount, he is on diet food. He goes outside daily but I'm pretty sure he just basks in the sun. His vision is not that great so he doesn't really like to play, I think because it scares him.
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