Nikki (litte2psycho) wrote in thequestionclub,

My boyfriend and I were told today that we have to bring his bratty 10 yr old cousin to NY with us for Thanksgiving so she can see her other cousins. I do not like this child at all and a 4 hour drive in a truck might push me over the edge with her. She is a spoiled rotten snot who has never been disiplined or taught to respect other people.

Taking her with us now changes any plans I had of seeing my family for Thanksgiving because there is no way in Hell I could take her to my familes houses. My family are all older and some are disabled in one way or another.

I told my bf that I rather not go to Thanksgiving if we have to take her with us. I feel that if her parents want her to go to NY they should bring her up themselves and not burden us with having to take her.

Should I lie, and politely tell her parents we don't have room for her in the truck ?
Should I just stay home and do my own thing?
Should I suck it up and try not to be miserable while i'm around the little shit?
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