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Transporting thanksgiving dinner to hospital?

So my mom is in the hospital and will be over Thanksgiving. This will pretty much be my first year making everything by myself and I decided I am NOT letting my mother be alone on Thursday. So I decided to make dinner, pack it all up and bring it to the hospital on Thursday so we can eat together (It's pretty much just me and my parents). What I thought I'd do once the food was cooked was put all of it into plastic containers (cutting the turkey up of course) and pack it into a box, then bring it to the hospital.

My question: Would the nurses allow this and should I ask in advance? I was thinking of bringing enough food so that if they wanted some turkey and stuffing they could have a little, but would it violate any rules?

ETA: I just called the hospital to find out if I'm allowed to bring some food up. The nurse said the only restriction is low sodium otherwise they don't mind if I bring dinner up to Mom. :)

Thank you all for the suggestions.
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