Starr (everystarrfall) wrote in thequestionclub,

Does anyone have some ideas for inexpensive, easy to mail Christmas gifts?

I'm quite strapped for cash this year, so for family and nearby friends, I'm looking into various cheap homemade gifts, with holiday cards going out to most other friends who live far away. However, one of my best friends lives in Arizona (I'm in California) and I'd like to send her a small gift as well. Something inexpensive but thoughtful and hopefully something she can put to use.

She recently moved into a new apartment with her girlfriend (they also have one additional roommate). They haven't been going out all that long (at least, not long enough for me to have met the gf--six months or so? I see the friend maybe once or twice a year) but they are quite serious so the gift will either also be addressed to the girlfriend or she'll get a separate small gift. In order to cut down on shipping costs I'm looking for something that will do well in the mail--not too fragile or bulky. I'd prefer to stay away from food items as my friend has a ridiculously long list of food allergies and I don't know the girlfriend's food preferences. Friend likes music, asian dramas, horror flicks, geology (and science in general), and travel; she's a college student and works retail. Don't know loads about friend's girlfriend--works in construction, is always doing something handy and awesome around their house, likes Doctor Who and is into comics as well, I think? Gf is much more into festive holiday stuff than my friend (who is still clinging to Halloween decorations).

I've been looking on Pinterest at all sorts of great cheap holiday gifts that I could make but most of the ones I like are sort of bulky or heavy and thus better suited to people I can see in person. Any help towards thinking up a thing or two that I can mail to them easily and that won't just end up being more clutter they don't actually want/need would be most appreciated.

dk/dc: What are you giving for holiday gifts this year?
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