Naboom (plugmebaby) wrote in thequestionclub,

do you have a friend who tends to be awful to wait staff / retail staff? any stories?

one time two friends and i were having lunch at a japanese restaurant back home, and one of my friends ordered prawn sashimi. what she got was apparently not fresh, so she had it sent back. the waitress happily replaced it with another one, but again, she claimed they got the order wrong because it was brown (so not fresh). the waitress got the manager to speak to her, and the manager said that the brown colour is the marinade. my friend argued back with the manager (who remained really nice and accommodating despite), and she said "excuse me, john, is it? have you even tried proper japanese food from outside this country? because this is not japanese food and you should not be serving food that is not fresh!" i was so appalled at what she said because the guy was still being so kind to her :( plus the guy was filipino and filipinos in my country dont tend to have a high social/financial status, so i felt really embarrassed she was being outright rude like that.

also, another time, my ex's family and i were eating at a fancy restaurant known for their steaks. my ex and i ordered medium-rare steaks and got rare/blue steaks. instead of requesting to speak to a waiter, his father took our plates and stormed into the kitchen without warning D: w. t. f.

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