Nessa (nebe) wrote in thequestionclub,

So I'm a nursing student. In lab we practice medication administration for IM, SQ, insulin, ect. with syringes we reuse for our whole program (onsite, we obviously use disposables). Last week we did insulin mixing and practiced injections on "pillows" of simulated tissue. When I recapped my needle, it must have bent and ended up puncturing the plastic cap. Fastforward to this week, when I reached into my kit, the needle stuck me. Just a prick, but enough to bleed. I told the lab tech and got sent to health services to do paperwork, but nothing else. When I talked to my fiancee, he got all bent out of shape about it. Though health services told me not to worry about it because the needle wasn't "used," and didn't break protocol, he believes I should go to my PCP for antibiotics today.

TQC, WWYD if you got a stick from a non-biologically contaminated needle?
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