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edgy. not homicidal.

A What Would You Do? Post

My boyfriend has been purchasing two season tickets to a local sports team for 7 or 8 years.  He shares the tickets with his best friend. However, over the course of the last year, Best Friend has become increasingly less reliable about paying for his tickets.  In order to secure the two seats together, Boyfriend pays for them upfront, then Best Friend pays for his seat gradually over the course of the season.  Or at least this is how things have worked previously.

Recently, Best Friend has been making a lot of excuses for why he doesn't have the money or can't pay, to the extent of avoiding Boyfriend entirely; not answering his phone for weeks, leaving his house when he knows Boyfriend is on his way in or out of town to see me, etc.  Boyfriend is obviously upset that his friend is being kind of shitty and not taking care of his responsibilities.  When Boyfriend asks if he should try to find someone else to split the second seat with so they each get half or a third of a season, he insists that he can/will pay and to definitely not find someone else.

Right now, Boyfriend is PISSED and kind of grumbling around my apartment because Best Friend promised he would have a significant amount of money for Boyfriend because we are leaving for Disneyland on Tuesday and it would be nice to have the extra spending money.  Best Friend mentioned that he would also be at Disneyland for Halloween and he would "be sure to get the money" to Boyfriend before he left.  When they spoke last night, Best Friend was out partying and they agreed to meet up today.  About an hour ago, I was on Facebook and noticed that Best Friend had checked himself into the ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney.

At this point, if you were in my boyfriend's position and you were dealing with a friend like this, what would you do?  He wants to be rational but not taken advantage of.
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