was never much but we've made the most (jira_rd) wrote in thequestionclub,
was never much but we've made the most

Say you're friends with someone for several years. You're very close, talk about everything, talk every single day, have gotten to the point where you call each other best friends. Then very abruptly, they go from working 20 hours a week to 40. You text them maybe once a week and they never reply and this goes on for several months. You ask if they are mad at you and they always say no, they're just busy, but this carries on for another few months. How long would you carry on a friendship where the only interaction is either you messaging them to ask if they're mad at you and them saying no, just busy, or you messaging them to say hey and never getting any response and thus never being able to engage in said friendship?

I'm currently going on six months and very sad because while I understand my best friend being busy, the fact that I have about twenty texts over the last six months that I have sent with no response at all, ranging from a simple hi to asking when they're free to chat to simply messaging that I miss them, and nothing gets a response kind of makes me worried. I try to text only once every couple weeks to avoid bothering them if they're busy because I understand busy since their work schedule has increased, but I feel like I should give up on this friendship because even though they say they're not mad at me, when it's been six months without any kind of talking besides the occasional, "I swear I'm not mad, I'm just busy", the fact that they haven't responded once in six months (at least, actually, maybe more) makes me feel like maybe it's not just business and actual "I don't want to be friends anymore".

And on a less personal note - do you think the portrayal of teenagers on TV is inaccurate? I feel like they portray teens as being more mature and life smart than they actually are. I feel like teenagers in shows who are fifteen and sixteen tend to emotionally act more like kids who are in their twenties than high school
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