manicgummibear (manicgummibear) wrote in thequestionclub,

One of my roommates has been stomping around, muttering to himself, and slamming doors for the past two days. He's been avoiding making eye contact with me and my boyfriend, grunting if we say good morning, etc. It's not like we ever hang out with him, but he clearly seems angry about something.

I really cannot think of anything he could be mad at us for because we don't have that much contact with him to begin with, but he seems pissed. Should I ignore him until he gets over it or wants to bring it up or should I ask him flat out what's bothering him? 

I kind of want to ignore him because I hate passive aggressive bullshit, but at the same time I'm dyyyying to know what I did to offend him because he's crazy and it's probably something hilarious.

*Just for background, he's an extremely messy person and never cleans anything/doesn't take out the garbage/leaves his dishes all night. We clean everything. We're also really quiet but here him and his girlfriend being loud as fuck all the time.
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