Turn My Lips Blue (cocacola_sorrow) wrote in thequestionclub,
Turn My Lips Blue

Sorry about the syntax but I can't be bothered looking for my reading classes so I'm kind of just ty

Can you guys post some pictures of unusual/quirky/geeky/Vidal Sassoon inspired/animae long haircuts, with fringes/bangs/for girls? My hair really needs a cut as it's long, blonde, and straight and is starting to resemble Helena Bonham Carter's. I tend to wear my hair up every day as I hate the feel of hair on the back of my neck, so I'm thinking of going long at front, short at back? Or maybe razored to give it more texture and body? IDK hair stuffs so I'm hoping you guys have ideas. I'm also not a girlie girl at all so low maintenance would be great.

TDLR: Pretty long hair photos please?
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