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halloween hair

Hey, TQC! Long time, no see.

I'm going to a Halloween party tonight. I'm dressing as a female version of Clark Kent. Business skirt and jacket, white button up shirt, superman shirt underneath, red tie, high heels. I also have a pair a glasses frames I may or may not wear, depending on if I can pull them off. LOL.

How should I do my hair?

edit: I'm intentionally not going for a professional/business hairstyle. It's a law school party. I don't want to look like I'm just going to court or an interview or something. I want to tap more into fantasy with the costume - part of the appeal of taking something we're all use to (business suits) and having fun with it by making it a superhero disguise.

Picture of me and my hair under the cut as well as pictures of ideas I've come across.

This is like 2 weeks ago:

So, how should I do my hair? My hair styling skills get about a C-, so anything complicated is way outta my league.

Ideas I've found:

High bun. Seems easy enough

Messy side bun. Doesn't seem TOO hard

Twist into a bun. Only I'd do a bun with a rubber band and not bobby pins.

Half up. Meh. I think this is my least fave.

Messy half up. More my style. I'd need to figure out how to to the volume bump thing, but it can't be that hard - right?

Side braid
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