Meredith (fleckerbug) wrote in thequestionclub,

I'm going to a movie tomorrow night (date night :D). I've been bugging my husband to see Sinister and he's finally agreed. He already promised to take me to take me to see the new Silent Hill movie (I won a bet, haha) and that comes out tomorrow night. Which would you go to? Has anyone seen Sinister? We both agree that Sinister looks kinda... IDK, it could be good, but could be horrible, but we love Vincent D'onofrio. And Silent Hill looks kinda bad too, but I really want to see it because I like the special affects and triangle head freaks me out. We don't normally go to opening night because of the obnoxious crowds, though.

Does anyone know of a restaurant that has bacon-wrapped shrimp similar to Pappadeux's? I want them so bad, but I don't think the restaurant even exists in my state. They're giant shrimp, stuffed with pepper jack cheese and a little strip of jalapeno, wrapped in ridiculously salted bacon and grilled.
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