Jasmine! (looloosmells) wrote in thequestionclub,

Lying Employee

I am the manager and co-owner of a small health care clinic with a few locations. A few months ago, one of our offices had an issue with our scheduling software. Something had failed within and all our past and future schedules had been erased and we could not make any appointments. With hours of IT help, the problem was fixed.

Fast forward to today. I notice one of our offices has nobody scheduled for today or the foreseeable future (which is odd because they see anywhere between 20-60 patients a day). I asked the front desk what was up (since they have a history of just not scheduling people) and she said that her scheduling software had failed.

Before jumping to any conclusions, I checked and saw that I could both schedule patients and could see the schedules of the past. I also called the IT guys and they confirmed the software was fine.

So this girl basically lied to me about the scheduling....she's had an issue with this at least 3x in the past and as a busy office, we need to know have our schedules organized.

How do I deal with this?
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