Donna (sassi214) wrote in thequestionclub,

Today while I was waiting for my son to get out of his dance class, I overheard one of the other moms jokingly mention a business idea:

A place you can go to catch a few ZZZZs.
You want to take a quick nap on your lunch hour? You want to rest a bit before you head from work to dinner with your friends, but don't want to go home? Head on over to this place, outfitted with really comfy beds/private pods to grab a refreshing catnap!

Is this a viable idea?
What would you call such a place?
Would you ever visit such a business?

When I was working (I'm now a stay-at-home mom), I either napped in my car (very uncomfortable!) used the couch in the ladies lounge (no privacy!) or laid on the cot in the first aid/nursing room (not always empty!). I would have LOVED to have a place to rest for 30-45 minutes during my lunch hour. I commuted to work, so going home on my lunch hour was not an option.
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