Wily as a coyote (fourcorners) wrote in thequestionclub,
Wily as a coyote

In this poll, let's assume you're an employer. Your accountant has informed you that business hasn't been so great, and advises laying someone off just to stay in the black for the next quarter. Right now, the way things are, your company can't afford to be in debt right now. You need to lower payroll by $40,000, and there's 5 people that fall into that bracket. You know that if you let someone go, you could split the extra workload between the remaining 4 employees. They're all equally compenent. Who would you let go?

Jonas, 55, been with you for 12 years. Good at his job. He'd have problems getting rehired with his age. Is divorced, no kids. Quiet, diligent
Bethany, 33. Been with the company for 3 years. Married with 2 kids. Bubbly
Jonathon, 26. Been with the company 1 year. Married, no kids. In the short time you've known him, you've gotten to be really good friends. You have a similar sense of humor
Eunice, 63. Been with the company for 33 years. Given her life to the company. Says she can't afford to retire. Lives alone. Wouldn't be able to get another job due to age
Chris, 21. He/she (whichever gender you're attracted to) has been there for 6 months. Smoldering, modelesque looks, with a ridiculously hot body. Single

A year later, business is up, and you can hire an extra employee. It's for a misc. desk job, mostly clerical/administrative assistant duties, and there's 5 decent applicants. Who gets the job?

Art, 36. 15 years of office experience. Talks a lot and has a loud laugh. He tends to laugh a lot
Nancy, 25. Fresh out of college. Bright, energetic, willing to work extra hard to impress you. She wants to work, hates to be bored
Megan, 50. Used to be secretary to the governor once upon a time. Very professional. Seems a little formal
Larry, 22. Laid back, likable, charismatic. No college education, but worked in his uncle's office for 4 summers. Willing to learn. Doesn't have a life, so is willing to work overtime if needed
Tina, 31. Has 2 years of office experience. Used to be an actress in Hollywood. Has some stories
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