I sailed across the sun (gouache) wrote in thequestionclub,
I sailed across the sun

upcoming white elephant party

So Christmas is a few months away, but, I have my white elephant party already planned. I want to provide a gift that everyone would love to have. Since I'm the event planner, I stated the following as guidelines for the gift:

- The gift must be between $5-10.
- It can be a craft item (if it's a crafted item, the craft materials should be roundabout the $5-10 amount).
- No giftcards/coupons/money allowed.
- The item MUST be wrapped.
- To participate in the game, you must supply a gift to give. You are welcome to come to the party and not participate in the exchange, though!
- The gift must relate to GLBT/gay rights, anime, japanese culture (eg food items).

So my questions are:
- If you've ever attended a white elephant event, what was the gift that everyone wanted?
- What would be a good gift idea that relates to my last point (stated above in the list) (the group I'm inviting is both into anime+gay rights which is kind of how we all met)?

PS - Alcohol won't be a good idea, half of them don't drink.
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