aikikatie (aikikatie) wrote in thequestionclub,

Have you/are you planning on going to anything haunted (maze, house, etc)?

Nope. I get scared easily.

Have you ever worked at one?

I worked a haunted corn maze tonight (last night, technically) for five hours. I was a "Guide" so I just lead people from one scene to the next. Tons and tons of walking. The guys who were hiding in the corn were enjoying messing with me a few times (I punched one of them in the arm when he jumped out at me; kind of a natural reflex since my fake brothers love to do the same) I ran into a guy I went to school with; it was ironic that someone was scaring him instead of him scaring me. I was wearing a mask and hooded cape but I talked to the people; it kind of made them feel less scared til one of the guys popped out. Tomorrow's going to be fun--I hope (I'm working every day they're open minus one so four days, the last being Halloween night).

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