Babydoll (babyd6ll) wrote in thequestionclub,

Have you ever had a Supernatural Event happen in your Life?

With Halloween just around the corner was I was curious…
Have you ever had a “supernatural” or “logically unexplained” moment in your life? If so what happened?
I have had quite a few “events” happen from a very young age to adulthood; while I am not one to automatically assume something is “supernatural” I am open minded enough to realize that sometimes things are not explained by science therefore leaving the door open for the only other logical explanation the “supernatural”. I do believe there are ghosts, “sensitive people” {people, who tend to or are more susceptible to “seeing the unexplained”, I believe there are actual psychics and/also most importantly believe that there will be some who claim to be and scam innocent and/or gullible folks looking for answers in life. My husband’s views on the other hand are quite the opposite of mine {they say opposites attract} and he knows that there are no “ghosts, goblins, psychics, mediums, etc.” He has had no “supernatural” or “scientifically unexplained” events happen in his life, ever that couldn’t be explained by something whether feasible or far-fetched he refuses to even be open to the idea. {chuckle} Actually, a few Christmases ago I bought him a subscription to “Skeptic” {magazine} and it’s one of his favorites. Anyway, I have had many “unexplained incidents”, deja-vu, “ghosts”, a few dreams, etc… I’ll start this post with one of my earliest dramatic “unexplained/supernatural” events…
I was about 10 yrs old and all the neighborhood kids and I loved hanging out at a particular friend’s house “Tina” we all stayed there every waking moment because to be honest, we loved hanging out there because her Mother was a single Mother {not labeling single Mothers I was once a single Mother} and worked a lot so she was rarely at home or when she was home she just didn’t give a damn what we did. Back then… chuckle, showing my age here ,44 yrs old, oh boy, we could curse, jump on furniture, etc.. you know do things we wouldn’t dare do at “home”, the only negative thing was her Mother was a slob, seriously she could have been on that show “Hoarders” but whether she was home or not we had free rein and did what the hell we wanted. So one afternoon because “Tina” was so embarrassed about the condition of her house we all {about 10 of us} decided to clean her house {the best a bunch or 9 to 12 yr olds could do} it wasn’t the first time we had helped her clean house because we did feel bad for as her room was the only room in the house that looked “normal”. So about 5 of us {including me} decided to tackle the kitchen} we had been in there a good hour breaking a sweat cleaning the kitchen and one of the cast iron skillets {I swear to you} floated the in the air about 2 feet off the counter and flung itself across the room! We all stood there what seemed like about 10 minutes with our mouths hanging open in shock, in actuality it was more like 10 seconds, blood curdling screams followed and the five of us ran out the house like a bat of hell, straight to my house {my house was the closest} the other kids jogged after us wondering what the hell was happening thinking it was a big roach or something. Once at my house my Mother {a non-believer} calmed us down asked us what happened and when we explained at first she thought it was a joke until she realized that we were barely consolable. And to this day {30+ yrs later} she will tell you that while she doesn’t believe in that kinda thing, that she knew one thing for sure that we believe that is exactly what we saw. I remember it like it was yesterday. And to this day I swear to you I know what I saw… and cast iron skillets don’t float in the air, there is no string small enough for us NOT to see strong enough to hold it up and beside you’d have to be pretty damn strong to throw one! Hell, I struggle when I get mine out the bottom of the oven… Anyone else have a “real life supernatural” story to tell?
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