prelude to tragedy (panophobia) wrote in thequestionclub,
prelude to tragedy

Hair cuts!

Should I cut my hair?


My hair has always been on extremes. I grew up with really long hair, then when I started highschool I cut it all off to a pixie cut. I wore it short most of highschool. Blah blah blah in between. I grew it long again, ran away to the other side of the country. When I decided to move back home, I cut it short again, to signify some sort of new beginning? That was my last hair cut five years ago. A few weeks after moving back, I met someone. I said I was going to marry him and I wanted long hair for my wedding.

We got married a month ago. My hair is to my bottom. It's so ridiculously long. People compliment me all the time on it. I like the way I look with long hair and I love the compliments but I'M SO TIRED OF BRUSHING IT.

SOOOO, return to the pixie cut or not? I'm afraid if I cut it short I'll never grow it long again.

This is so dumb it's just hair.

Here's a picture of my hair as of May this year. So it's a bit longer now.

And there seems to be a huge lack of my short hair online, and since I'm at work this awesome embarrassing picture is the best I can do. I was modeling for someone's school project! Don't judge me too much!

And I think this is the kind of cut I'd go for?

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