Jennifer (xxflyingsoulxx) wrote in thequestionclub,

Falling in love abroad

Have you ever fallen in love with someone while traveling or living abroad for a short period of time? What did you do about it? What's the story? 

My story: I have been traveling in Australia for 1 1/2 months now and living and working in Tasmania for a month and I love it here and could see myself living here with or without a partner. I started dating someone a bit over 3 weeks ago, and I know that is way too soon to make any life-altering decisions but I also have never met anyone quite like him, and am deep in  infatuation.  I would just like more time getting to know him so that we can see if we can work out. I'm 23 and moving back to the states in a month where I have a year long job doing something I'm pretty passionate about. After that, I'm free. I just have to go to graduate school. I'd never move anywhere for a man where i couldn't also do what I believe in and have a career. those are very important to me. But how much should I follow my heart and how much should I just ignore these probably temporary emotions and be a logical, rational person?
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