musicboxwaltz (musicboxwaltz) wrote in thequestionclub,

how do you let someone know they are a flake? make's an appointment with me, either cancels the entire thing or moves it to another time. I dunno, I am a major planner and if someone means 10 a.m. I plan my day around that time to be there then, I am not late to appointments.

I have a friend, who is going to basically be a "manager" to me, so I dont want to say something would turn our friendship/partnership sour, btw she's very defensive about anything. she's a great lady but EVERY single time I make an appointment with her she flakes and reschedules the appointment.

This is literally probably the 8th time she's done this to me in a matter of I'd say 3 months so its gotten ridiculous. it's strange because she's suppose to be a professional at her job she's been at it for probably 30-40 years & I would'nt have ever expected this out of her.

it makes it worse that she will soon become basically a manager to me for potentially 1-2 year[s].

what to do??
maybe she keeps doing this flake thing because no one has ever confronted her about it?
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