B (thatsapen) wrote in thequestionclub,

Costume days

So, hi. There's Halloween coming up, so everybody's looking out for costumes or something, right? Where I live, we don't really do Halloween much, sometimes we use it as an excuse to have a costume party and all, but this year, as a senior, I have two days where I can go in a costume, so it's like a two-time Halloween party at school. It would be all swell, except for the fact that I'm drawing a blank regarding costumes. I don't want any skimpy, cheerleader-outfit thing because I don't really feel confortable going to school in miniskirts and I would love to go as, say, a zombie but it takes too much time to put on the make up and school starts really early (I have to be up and reaady by 6:20 a.m.) so I'm officially zeroed on ideas. How do you suggest I go, tqc?
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