Gina G (coolbandanas) wrote in thequestionclub,
Gina G


Hi, tqc :)
I just have a question for those of you with tattoos, or those of you who are looking into getting your first one.  How do you go about finding an artist to do your work?  Do you go on personal recommendation? Do you go into every shop and flick through the books and see what's on the walls?  Do you use Google?  My friend (K) got her first tattoo done a few months ago, and I was thinking of going to that same artist for my first one, because she is so good.  But then another friend, (I) who has many tattoos, said that just because an artist might be amazing at portraits doesn't mean they're amazing at cartoon type work, and so on.  So now I'm not so sure, as my tattoo is very different from K's.
So I thought I'd ask you guys - how do you find the right artist?

DK/DC: Have you watched Star Wars?  Did you like it?  Which is your favourite?  (I'm thinking original trilogy here).
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