דבורה (lyndz) wrote in thequestionclub,

I'm in graduate school and within my department, I take two classes that only have either three or four students total. There is one person who is in both of these classes who is always at least half an hour late. In one of these classes, I was the only one there for half an hour and we didn't start until the others showed up. Normally I wouldn't give a shit if people decide they're going to waste their education and not show up for the first part of class, but it's affecting me because I would much rather stay home for the first half hour than just sit around chit-chatting with the professor (which is nice, but I work full-time and am in school beyond full-time so I really value any free time).

Is this something I should address with others? Should I talk to my professors or the person who is chronically late? How should I say it? Or should I just start showing up for my 6:00 class at 6:30?
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