Naboom (plugmebaby) wrote in thequestionclub,

i visited a career counsellor a couple of days ago for a free consultation, and she told me that most jobs (including part time and casual work, internships and graduate programs) look at your cover letter and resume (of course), and then make you do psychometric tests, phone interviews, and face to face interviews before considering you.

she offered me a package where she fixes up my resume, writes my cover letter for me, trains me for interview skills (a total of about 2.5 hours long), makes me do psychometric tests, and record my video resume, for a total of $1500.

would you take this package or not?

i was actually looking for help with knowing about the job market in my field, so i said ill think about it and get back to her. she said the $1500 includes a 25% discount because she "wants to help" me, and that i wouldnt get the discount if i didnt "show interest" by paying a deposit right then and there ($750, but she said it could be less than that). again, i declined by saying i dont have the money for that at that moment, and that i would need to talk to my mum because she's funding me. she then asked if it was possible for me to call my mum right there and then. i kept telling her i just needed to go away and think about it, and after like 10 minutes of that, she finally let me go without paying a dollar.

would this attitude have pissed you off? what would you have said and how would you have reacted?

i think i should've told her how rude that was, to ask me to contact my mum for payment right in front of her. i just wanted to get out of there ASAP D:
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