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I mentioned a while ago about working at a haunted corn maze. The problem is that I have no idea what to dress up as. I have nine days to figure it out. I won't know the official guidelines on what I can wear until Sunday but I'm figuring you guys can at least give me an idea or two.

Because my brain hurts:

It needs to be:
Comfortable (lots of walking on uneven ground)
Warm (it'll be in the 60's [Farenheight] or maybe 50's)
Not look too weird with tennis shoes or Chucks (I have a dark red pair, a neon green pair that's somewhat faded, and a pair that's black with purple)
Brightish (I'm leading a group of six people and it'll be dark)
Kid appropriate
Make sense with a crazy hair color that's dark. (I like my natural hair color, I just get bored with it, so it needs to be one of these: After Midnight, Enchated Forrest, Green Envy, Vampire Red, Infra Red, Raven, or Purple Haze)

Info that may help:
My breasts are on the large size.
I usually wear size 14 or 16 pants
My hair is about shoulder length

A recentish picture (I'm the girl on the right):

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