Katrina (sweetest_sin_78) wrote in thequestionclub,

Last visit with the Psych was on October 4th. My understanding from that visit was that my "expected return to work date" is October 22nd (which is the Monday after my next appointment). I got a call from the short term disability lady who is telling me I'm expected to return to work this coming Monday (October 15th). Should I contact Psych or disability lady? The thought of contacting either of them is sending me into a panic...


How do you feel about candy corn?
I love it.

What's something productive you've done today?
I got my school work for two classes done... getting ready to work on a third once I'm doing being distracted by YouTube and LJ.

What are you having for dinner?f
Beef Stroganoff which is in the crock pot right now... mmmm
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