stripedbeauty (stripedbeauty) wrote in thequestionclub,

What was the last time you indirectly felt really awkward for you or someone else in your class or work? Either you felt embarrassed for them because they did something inadvertently to piss off the professor or you were really mad at them for wasting the class/work time for everybody else?

The only thing I remember is the first term at my university, our sociology professor had us do an exercise where we write down all of the stereotypes for each race/nationality, whether or not we believed it. She had us write down our names purely for extra credit purposes and she made it clear that whatever we wrote wasn't going to be a personal reflection on the student. This classmate spent the next 20 minutes out of a 50 minute class complaining about how we had to write our names down on that paper instead of making a separate paper with our names. The majority of class didn't actually care about writing our names on the paper and was getting super irritated with her about her complaint because the professor was really close to yanking the extra credit away from us because of her.
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