followills (followills) wrote in thequestionclub,

TQC, I need to get my friend a birthday gift and a graduation gift but I need some auggestions.

We are both certified teachers, but she is having trouble finding a job. I had originally bought her 2 teacher resource books that I had found super helpful when given to me... as well as 3 children's book. So that when she does get hired as a teacher on call she will have them for her on call bag. I also know that at Xmas she asked for a bunch of children's books for this reason. But XMAS was before she graduated and had trouble finding a job.

Now I am not so sure they are good gifts as I know it upsets her that she isn't finding a job. The last thing I want to do is upset her more :(.

Are these still appropriate gifts or should I get her something else? If so, any suggestions?

Clothing is out, as we have different styles and she is very picky.. although I could get a giftcard to one of her favourite stores. Or I could get her a pair of Toms as I know she loves them. But, they are a bit expensive, and I don't have much money. (what up paying back student loans).
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