xeonha (xeonha) wrote in thequestionclub,

So I started a job last month on the 11th, first job and it's fast food. I do frontline which includes cashiering. At first I would be short about 80 cents to a dollar.. but yesterday I was short $8, and today $10. I got written up, and it's being investigated because the safe was short $10 too (which I think means I was actually short $20...) I can assure you now that I didn't steal it and even offered to provide the lost funds myself.

And now, today, they're going to put me on drive thru for the first time for 7.5 hours. If I really am doing something as idiotic has handing out too much change, I'm terrified I'll fuck up majorly again since d-t is completely new for me. Any tips on handling change besides "counting up" (didn't do it earlier because I was doing fine just counting out the needed change)? As well, how many write ups do people normally get before being terminated? Couldn't find anything on it in the employee handbook.
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