Helena Handbasket (iguanasdefuego) wrote in thequestionclub,
Helena Handbasket

make my medical decisions, tqc...

Sometime in the near-ish future, I have to have oral surgery to have a tooth uncovered and have a bracket attached to it. The tooth is in the roof of my mouth and likely under a bit of bone.

I have two options:
Option 1: I get put under and don't experience any sensation whatsoever during the procedure. Insurance will not cover anesthesia so this will be an out-of-pocket expense, and several hundred dollars.

Option 2: I get local anesthetic and stay awake for the procedure. This is a much cheaper procedure, but I will have to hold my head at an awkward angle and I'm not sure how I feel about staying awake.

Money is kind of tight; we are trying really hard to put money back into savings after dumping a ton of it into my braces.

What should I do?
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