kaeorin (kaeorin) wrote in thequestionclub,

Can you think of any books meant for toddlers or very young children that have a geeky bent to them? I'm not looking for chapter books or novels: just those little short books that parents read to their babies before the babies really learn to read on their own.

I already know about My Little Geek ABC Book, but I'm looking for more ideas. My nephew's going to be around 1 year old come Christmastime, and his parents are brilliant geeky people, so I'd like to incorporate both of those things into my present for him. (Please note that I'm not posting the dreaded "what do I get for ____?" question because I don't think my nephew's going to care very much about the actual present, no matter what I get him.)

DK/DC: What were your favorite books growing up?
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