piperki (piperki) wrote in thequestionclub,

pet turtle questions

I am thinking of acquiring a turtle. I have owned dogs and cats in the past and would like a pet, but my household can't accommodate fur or feathers (allergies). SO vetoed a snake on the grounds that it would be extremely inconvenient to get someone to care for it when we travel. I would rather not do an aquarium--realistically I don't have the time for that much maintenance. I think turtles are pretty cool, also, but I will only invite a turtle to my home if I can be a good pet owner.

We are two adults and one high school-age kid. Turtle care would be 90% my responsibility.

Have you ever had a turtle? What kind? What is the daily/weekly time commitment like? Anything else I should consider?

ETA: Thank you, turtle owners. It looks like I have to wait until life allows me more time to properly clean up after turtles.
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